Terms of Service

Terms of Service of Techno Lab Design


At this page you can find the ‘Terms of Service‘ of Techno Lab Design.

I. Domains and Hosting
– all clients are well informed on the renewals (dates and conditions) – when we deliver our final work to them
– the clients have to take care of the renewal of domains and hosting (usually, once per year)
– we may notify the clients about the renewals – 30 days and/or 7 days before they (domains and hosting) expire, but that’s not mandatory

II. Websites’ materials, log-in info, and other materials
– when we deliver our final work to the clients, we also send them all the necessary materials related to their project (for example: website login link, log-in info, docs, logos, icons, social media images…)
– the clients’ obligation is to save those materials, and keep them at a safe place (for possible future needs)
– the websites’ owners (and others) are responsible for delivering non-copyrighted / royalty-free materials (e.g. photos, articles, etc…) to Techno Lab Design – if else, they will take the consequences

III. Analyses, Consulting and Meetings
– if we provide analysis or consulting related to client’s website / business, and the client decides not to hire us, he/she/they must pay for the analysis / consulting (because it takes time, research and money to create it)
– the payment for the analysis / consulting is as one-time fee
– the consulting session must be confirmed by the client at least 24 hours before the meeting
– the client must specify the topics of the meeting

IV. Projects
– the client is obligated to present the whole idea and demands for their project (website, design, etc…) before we agree to work on it
– if the client change the initial idea and demands during the realization of the project, and have new demands – we will completely stop the works on the project (because different demands require different plans, budgets and work hours)

V. Payments
– for small projects – the full payment is at the beginning of the project
– for bigger projects – the payments can be in few phases: before the start of the project, during the project (once, twice, or more), and before we deliver the final design / work
– the clients must pay in full before the final work is delivered
– monthly fees / monthly retainer – for the monthly services (e.g. website maintenance, SEO…) the client must pay by 25th of the current month, if he/she want us to work for them in the upcoming month
– yearly retainer – for the yearly services (e.g. website maintenance) the payment can be in one or two installments

VI. Refunds
– we don’t provide refunds for our solutions and services
– we invest our time and money into every project, i.e. there are not already made products, but each project is done from ground up – so, no refunds
– if we work on a project, the client makes one or more payments, but after some time he/she decides to abort the project (or is unresponsive for 30 days) – no refunds would be made

VII. Copyright
– all materials at this website (articles, photos, etc…) are copyrighted (if its not stated otherwise)
– no one can use those materials without our written consent

VIII. Disclaimer
– after we deliver our solutions and/or services to the clients, it’s up to the clients how they use them
– we are not responsible how they will use the delivered solutions / services

IX. Consent
By using our website, and our solutions and services, you consent to the terms of service.

If you need more info on our terms of service, or our solutions and services, please contact us.