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Welcome to Techno Lab’s website!
We are design / development and digital marketing studio that offers solutions and services as:
– Website Development: website design, web redesign, WordPress set-up, CMS, blogs, izrabotka na internet web stranica, redizajn na web stranici
– SEO and Internet / Online / Digital Marketing: search engine optimization, SEO audit, keyword research, site speed optimization, local business SEO, online marketing, social media, izrabotka na SEO na web strana (optimizacija na web strani) vo Skopje i Makedonija
– Graphic / Print Design: logo design, branding
– Writing / Copywriting
– Courses / Lectures
– Consulting: marketing, SEO, social media and online business
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Techno Lab Design is in this business since 1994.
Our goal is to get your business on a higher level, so that both sides profit. As we do our job, we earn our fee and your trust.
We partner with clients because we want to – not because we have to.
When you partner with Techno Lab Design, you are partnering with a friend for life.
Global companies as Sony, Disney and Adidas, ones that we worked for, know that very well.



High quality Web Design: grow your business, connect with potential customers, increase your online success.


Brand new look of your existing site, improvements of its performance, organized and usable design.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization): we can help you increase website’s online presence, raise it up in search engine rankings.







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