Web Design, Redesign and SEO Info – Now in Macedonian Cyrillic Writing

Posted on Nov 27, 2012 in Search Engine Optimization, Techno Lab Design, Web Design | 3 comments

For some time on our website we have a special page designed for our Macedonian clients, which has all the information about the history of Techno Lab Design, the services we offer, and the like.
All these information were presented using the Latin writing.

As an official writing in the Republic of Macedonia is Cyrillic, we decided to present above info in Cyrillic, too.

Link: Веб дизајн Македонија, изработка на интернет веб страници, оптимизација за пребарувачи (SEO), редизајн, социјални мрежи, маркетинг


  1. good job

  2. I was looking for web design companies in Macedonia and I found your site.
    Can you develop a website in 2 languages (English and Macedonian) up to 10 pages each, and how much time you need for this?

  3. @ Paul M.:
    Thank you for the interest in the web solutions provided by Techno Lab Design (website design and development).
    All information related to your question we’ll send to your e-mail address.

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